About us

    We moved from southern Thailand to our favorite town, Wazuka, to grow tea and rice. Our mission is to farm: caring for smiles of consumers, sustainability of farm land, and the global environment.
    I, the representative of Jack Farm, am originally from a small village in southern Thailand where natural rubbers are grown widely. Natural rubbers are a cash crop for locals which means they harvest rubber saps, sell the saps to buyers, get cash, and that’s all. They can’t tell their own stories of cultivation and can’t control the price. I grew up watching them from childhood.

I have started to engage in various international volunteer activities since 16 years old. Through the activities for agriculture, environment, community, and welfare, I realized that agriculture is the work that affects natural environments deeply, which made me think I wanted to practice sustainable and productive farming.

After several interesting experiences such as a NPO coordinator, a horse therapist at a Thai Children Development Foundation, starting a family with Natsuki, and living in a forest for creating “a life knowing we have enough,” I encountered tea and rice in Wazuka Town, Kyoto, Japan. I thought I could challenge myself to deliver tea and rice grown by ourselves with our stories. So, I learned farming tea and rice for several years in Wazuka. It takes a lot of time and labor to cultivate without agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers, but every day I feel the satisfaction of interacting with nature to deliver safe and healthy agricultural products.   


・The representative of Jack Farm: Pathomthat Thongchim (Jack) ,Thai.
・Production control and Sales rep: Natsuki Goto, Japanese.






その後、N P Oでのコーディネーターや、支援学校でのホースセラピー等の経験、“足るを知る暮らしを創る”をテーマに森での生活の後に、日本京都府和束町にてお茶米栽培に出会い、お茶と米であれば、自分で生産した作物を自分の想いを乗せて直接お客様へ届けることに挑戦できると思い、お茶とお米栽培を学びました。農薬・化学肥料に頼らない栽培方法は時間と労力を費やしますが、安心できるお茶とお米を届けるために、自然とも対話しながら栽培し、やりがいを日々感じ取り組んでいます。


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